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Yuki Onna

The night was pitched black, i cant even seen my own fingers.
The coincidence is the model had a worst eyesight, so she stays at her place for a moments and just wait for help from our crew. Besides, im testing my gear for the night. First time I shot this, i dont expect the good results. Just sets and fire.
As we'll known, we cant see anything. The skies, the bridge, the roads and even the models.
Taken at Santolo Beach Pameungpeuk - West Java Indonesia.

Im Vee24 a Photographer, Videographer, Director 

The Sanes Copet

"The Sanes Copet"
Waiting is a boring thing, but if you stay cool its gonna be great...
Snapped from my D7k, he's Dado Bima a Photographer, Painter, Traditional Music etc.
Or we can say that he is an artist (I mean the real one) 

by: Fotografi Garut v24 
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The Dreams and Reality

A man still here in the center of the empty city, late at night in a pouring rain...
still wishes it'll be better as long as he's awake.
Fotografi Garut v24 on Hotel di Garut Fotografer